SIIRD Foundation

The Singapore-Israel Industrial Research & Development Foundation (SIIRD) is a collaborative effort between Enterprise Singapore (ESG) and the Israel Innovation Authority (IIA), established in 1997.

The Foundation is dedicated to advancing joint industrial research and development (R&D) projects between companies in Singapore and Israel with the goal of fostering successful commercialization.

The Foundation offers a range of support services, including funding for R&D projects and pilot projects between Singaporean and Israeli companies. These initiatives have been instrumental in enabling companies to enhance their products and technology, expand their product portfolio, create new markets, and expedite the introduction of new products and technology to the market.

SIIRD provides funding support of up to US$1 million per joint R&D or pilot project and assists companies in their R&D partner search. The grants are subject to re-payment when commercial revenues are generated from the developed products.

Singapore, with its world-class infrastructure and strategic location at the crossroads of Asia, serves as a premier hub for businesses from around the world and provides an ideal environment for R&D activities to flourish.

Types of Funding Opportunities

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