Bi National Funds

Bi-national funds are autonomous financing entities that were established in order to facilitate collaborative research and development endeavors between Israeli and foreign companies.

Through the utilization of an incentivization program, Israeli firms have the opportunity to engage in joint R&D initiatives with organizations based in the United States, Singapore and Korea.

This collaboration aims to foster the advancement and implementation of cutting-edge technology solutions or to significantly enhance existing technologies.

The objective of the bi-national funds is to promote international partnerships in the pursuit of innovation across various industries and to assess the viability of such endeavors. This, in turn, supports the growth and competitiveness of Israeli companies, by providing them with strategic global connections and access to real-world market conditions, allowing them to test, commercialize, and scale their products in the international market.

Currently, there are three main acting funds: Bird (U.S.), Koril (Korie) and Siird (Singapore).

In addition to these funds, the Israeli Innovation Authority (IIA) operates a comprehensive portfolio of collaboration funding programs to support partnerships between Israeli and foreign companies across Europe, the Americas, Asia-Pacific, and Africa.

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